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31.05.2023 Blog Article posted by QluPod
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Rising health care costs are a growing problem worldwide. An ageing population, chronic diseases and advances in medical technology contribute to rising costs. Another problem is the lack of medical care in rural areas, as fewer and fewer doctors are opening or taking over a GP practice in the countryside. To overcome these challenges, telemedicine is becoming more and more important and represents a promising solution for patients and medical professionals. A notable example of this is telemonitoring through the wearable health monitor combined with QluPod’s innovative software. This article highlights rising healthcare costs, explains the benefits of telemedicine and shows how QluPod can help reduce healthcare costs and optimise healthcare with its software and current device.

Rising health costs burden the state and patients.

Rising health care costs have become a serious problem in many countries, placing a burden on both patients and the health care system. Factors such as demographic trends, chronic diseases and rising drug prices contribute to this development. To contain costs, it is crucial to use innovative solutions such as telemedicine. Worldwide, the proportion of the ageing population is increasing in many countries. This leads to an increase in age-related diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack or heart failure. In addition, lifestyle plays an important role. The number of patients with diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and vascular diseases has risen sharply in recent decades. These diseases require long-term medical care, a variety of medications and, if necessary, expensive medical interventions. Medical progress has greatly improved the care of older patients. At the same time, new drugs, modern diagnostic procedures and innovative therapies are often expensive to develop and use. The costs are passed on to the patients. In
addition, there is insufficient care due to a shortage of doctors or long waiting times for an appointment with a specialist. Here, telemonitoring represents an important solution approach to save costs in the health care system and to ensure optimal patient care.

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a collective term for medical services provided via electronic communication technologies. It enables remote consultation, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of patients by medical professionals. Instead of visiting a doctor in person, patients can communicate with doctors and other medical professionals via video or audio calls during a tele-consultation. This technology allows attending physicians to gather medical information, make diagnoses and create treatment plans without the patient having to be physically present.

Other areas of application of telemedicine besides tele-consultation are:

  • Tele-monitoring: transmission of health data to a doctor or hospital or to the responsible carer
  • Tele-therapy: online counselling on mental health problems
  • Tele-consult: Professional exchange of doctors from different specialties via video conference or the evaluation of X-ray images on the screen.
  • Tele-home visits to minimise time, travel and hospital stays
  • Tele-emergency doctor who does not personally ride in the ambulance, but evaluates the patient’s vital data from a control centre and gives instructions to the paramedics
What are the advantages of telemedicine?

Through the use of innovative technology, telemedicine enables remote treatment and medical advice to patients. It is a complement to face-to-face doctor visits to promote people’s health and to improve the quality of medical care and make it accessible to all patients. In the process, doctors and hospitals as well as patients and their caregivers benefit from numerous advantages of telemedicine. A big plus of telemedicine is the time saved. A doctor’s appointment for a routine check-up means driving time, looking for a parking space or costs for tickets and precise planning of patient flows in the practice. If patients have to spend too much time in the waiting room, they may become impatient or catch an illness from other visitors. If, on the other hand, the practice gives online appointments or consults via tele-consultation, waiting times can be reduced considerably and the treatment rooms are no longer overcrowded. Since medical care is often limited in rural areas, patients receive high-quality care with telemedicine. Even elderly people with limited mobility do not have to rely on third party help for every visit to the doctor. The doctor receives vital signs online and can prescribe new medication if necessary. By regularly monitoring the values, the doctor also immediately recognises whether there is an emergency and hospitalisation is necessary. Are you unsure whether you can trust your doctor’s diagnosis? Or the cost estimate for a dental prosthesis seem too high to you? Here, too, telemedicine is a great help, as you can quickly and easily get a second opinion or seek advice on a specific therapy.

How QluPod can reduce rising healthcare costs?

Do you also know this: you are doing sports or physical work and suddenly you notice how you feel dizzy or nauseous or weak? Your pulse races and you feel like your heart is going to jump out of your chest? These feelings are frightening and you feel helpless. Is it due to exertion, is your blood pressure too high or is there another cause for your discomfort? At such a moment, QluPod could be your salvation. It is a portable health monitor that you can use anytime, anywhere. The innovative measuring device in combination with a user-friendly app allows you to check not only your blood pressure, but a total of six important vital signs and send them to your doctor if necessary. QluPod thus combines all the advantages of telemedicine in one device! Measure your blood pressure, ECG, blood sugar, heart rate, blood oxygen and body temperature regularly. You don’t have to be a nursing case or under care to do this. The QluPod device also replaces six different medical measuring devices for health-conscious people and allows users to easily measure and monitor their health data. Even for healthy people, regularly checking health data such as blood pressure, blood glucose levels or weight can be beneficial to keep an eye on one’s health and detect potential problems early. In addition, the Pro version of the QluPod app offers a long-term overview of the measurement data so that you can track changes in your values in statistics. Your doctor has insight into the data if desired and can intervene immediately in case of changes. With the QluPod software, doctors can send prescriptions and medications directly to patients. Patients receive reminders to take their medication and can track their progress via the app. This increases medication adherence and reduces complications from incorrect dosages or forgotten intakes. In addition, dietary supplements can be recorded to check their impact on health. Invest in your health and benefit from the numerous functions of the QluPod device and app. Simplify your medical care, avoid unnecessary visits to the doctor and always keep an eye on your health data! Have we aroused your interest? Then contact us via the contact form provided or call us directly for more information and to discover the benefits of the QluPod Health Monitor. Our friendly and competent team will be happy to answer your questions and help you choose the right QluPod package.

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