QLUPOD Digitization in the healthcare industry is part of the EU strategy.

Portrait of a group of medical practitioners standing together in a hospital.

Good news for and from QluPod AG. At the end of November, the EU published an article on the EU strategy for global health:

https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/en/ip_22_7153 we quote: “Three basic conditions for better health are identified, namely digitization, research and a qualified workforce, and concrete measures are mentioned, which can be used to make progress in this regard on a global scale”.

That the EU recognizes the importance of digitization and intends to actively promote it in the coming years is very good news. This is a key element of our strategy as we continue to develop technologies to record and share critical healthcare data and implement best-in-class telehealth solutions.

In the future, telemedicine will play a crucial role in health monitoring, relieving GPs, and reducing routine check-ups. The QluPod, is at least one step ahead.

We are already at the point where our digital health monitoring device combined with our software can provide relevant data. The final test phase is still underway before we start mass production in the first quarter of 2023 and initially supply the market in the DACH region.

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