Welcome to the QluPod Android App Free Version!

Please be sure to carefully read and understand all the rights and restrictions stipulated in this “App Service Agreement” (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”). By downloading this app from the Play Store you accept the terms of this “Agreement”. Once you install, copy, download, access or use this App in other ways, you will be deemed to have accepted this “Agreement”, which means that you agree to be bound by the terms of this “Agreement”. If you do not agree to the terms in this Agreement, please do not install, copy or use this App.

This “Agreement” is between the user and QluPod AG, Switzerland. (Hereinafter referred to as “QluPod”) regarding the user’s download, installation, use, and copying of the QluPod Android App (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”). (Referred to as “App” or “QluPod”) legal agreement.

1. Statement of Rights

All intellectual property rights of the App and all information related to the App, including but not limited to: text expressions and their combinations, icons, graphics, images, charts, colors, interface design, layout framework, and related data, Additional programs, printed materials or electronic documents, etc., are all owned by QluPod, and are protected by copyright laws, international copyright treaties, and other intellectual property laws and regulations.

2. Scope of License

2.1 Download, installation and use: The App is free application, and users can download, install and use this App in a non-commercial and unlimited amount.

2.2 Copying, distribution and dissemination: Users can copy, distribute and disseminate this App in a non-commercial and unlimited amount. However, it must be ensured that every copy, distribution and dissemination is complete and true, including all software, electronic document copyrights and trademarks related to this App, as well as this agreement.

3. Restrictions on Rights

3.1 Reverse engineering, reverse compilation and reverse assembly are prohibited: users are not allowed to reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble this App, and must not modify the compilation in the program file Any resources. In addition to laws and regulations expressly allowing the above activities, users must abide by the restrictions of this agreement.

3.2 Division of components: This App is licensed as a single product, and users are not allowed to separate each part for any purpose.

3.3 Individual authorization: For commercial sales, copying, and distribution, including but not limited to software sales, pre-installation, bundling, etc., a written authorization and permission from QluPod must be obtained.

3.4 Reserved rights: All other rights not expressly authorized by this agreement still belong to QluPod, and users must obtain the written consent of QluPod when using other rights.

4. User instructions

4.1 User registration

4.1.1 The user must be a natural person, legal person or other organization with legal capacity for civil rights and capacity for civil conduct and capable of independently assuming legal responsibility. When the user completes the registration or actually uses the service of the company in other ways agreed by the company, it shall be deemed that the user has confirmed that he meets the above-mentioned subject qualification requirements. If the user does not meet the mentioned subject qualification requirements, all consequences shall be borne by the user and the user’s guardian.

4.1.2 When users register, they should provide detailed, accurate and true personal information; if there are any changes in personal information, they must be updated in time. If the personal information provided by the user is incomplete, inaccurate, and untrue, all consequences caused by the user shall be borne by the user, and QluPod reserves the right to terminate the user’s use of QluPod’s services.

4.2 This App is used in conjunction with the health monitor hardware products sold by QluPod (hereinafter referred to as “Hardware Device” and “Health Monitor”). This App is a software developed based on the Android system. It can measure body temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, ECG, blood sugar and other functions when connected with a health monitor.

4.2.1 This product relates to the QluPod Android App through Bluetooth. In order to realize the functions of QluPod Hardware devices, please allow QluPod Android App to turn on the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone system.

4.2.2 Use the QluPod App in combination with the Health Monitor to measure body tempe rature, heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, ECG, blood sugar and other functions, and view measurement records and other information without incurring any flow charges.

4.2.3 Using the Health Monitor product sold by QluPod, it is connected to the App through Bluetooth in daily use, without inserting a SIM card or connecting to a WIFI network and will not incur any other costs.

4.2.4 This App includes the measurement record function of the health monitor. The health monitor is connected to the QluPod Android App to measure various functions and save the measurement records. The specific functions of viewing the measurement records are as follows:

(1) View this week’s record: After entering the measurement record, the function of viewing one week’s measurement record is enabled by default. This function is displayed to the software user according to the record of the measurement function in a week.

(2) View historical records: You can view past historical measurement records by switching the date. This function is only possible with the QluPod Pro Version App.

4.2.5 This App uses Bluetooth to connect with the health monitor to measure various functions, specifically including the following functions:

(1) Body temperature measurement: You click on the body temperature measurement icon on the function page to enter the body temperature measurement interface, point the infrared probe of the health monitor to the forehead of the human body, and click the measurement button on the body temperature measurement interface to start the measurement. After the measurement is successful, it will automatically end, and you can Check the result of body temperature measurement on the QluPod App.

(2) Blood pressure and heart rate measurement: You click on the blood pressure measurement icon on the function page to enter the blood pressure measurement interface, put the cuff on any arm of the human body, and buckle the health monitor on the blood pressure cuff, and click the measurement button on the blood pressure measurement interface, Start the measurement and it will end automatically after the measurement is successful. You can view the blood pressure and heart rate measurement results on the QluPod App.

(3) Blood oxygen measurement: Click the blood oxygen measurement icon on the function page to enter the blood oxygen measurement interface, put your index finger close to the blood oxygen measurement interface of the health monitor, and click the measurement button on the blood oxygen measurement interface to start the measurement. The measurement is successful after it ends automatically, you can view the blood oxygen measurement results on the QluPod App.

(4) ECG measurement: You click the ECG measurement icon on the function page to enter the ECG measurement interface, hold your fingers tightly on the electrode pads of the health monitor, and click the measurement button on the ECG measurement interface to start the measurement. The measurement will end automatically after successful. You can view the ECG measurement results on App.

(5) Blood glucose measurement: You click the blood glucose measurement icon on the function page to enter the blood glucose measurement interface, insert the blood glucose test strip that has been collected into the blood glucose measurement interface of the health monitor, click the measurement button on the blood glucose measurement interface to start the measurement, and the measurement will automatically end after successful. You can view the blood glucose measurement results on App.

4.3 This App is only applicable to the supported operating systems (Android system) and specific mobile phone models announced on its official website. The App will automatically run when the operating system starts, to provide all functions and services at any time and reduce response time. If the user wants to give up using the App for any reason after installing the App, he can use the Android system to delete the App in the corresponding way.

4.4 This App is supported by QluPod.

4.5 App modification and upgrade: QluPod reserves the right to provide users with modification and upgrade versions of this App at any time. After the user chooses and confirms, the App will be upgraded and updated, and the corresponding data traffic fee will be generated, which will be charged by the operator.

4.6 This App does not contain any malicious code designed to destroy user data and obtain user privacy information, does not contain any function code for monitoring or monitoring the user’s computer, does not collect user personal files, documents and other information, and does not leak user privacy.

4.7 Users should use this App under the premise of complying with the law and this agreement. The user has no right to perform the following actions, including but not limited to:

4.7.1 Do not delete or change all rights management electronic information on this App.

4.7.2 Do not deliberately avoid or destroy the technical measures taken by the copyright owner to protect the copyright of this App.

4.7.3 In violation of national regulations, delete, modify, add, or interfere with the functions of the computer information system , causing the computer information system to fail to operate normally.

4.7.4 Do not use the network services provided by QluPod to upload, display or spread, morally objectionable, or any other illegal information restricted or prohibited by Swiss laws, regulations, rules, regulations and any legally binding norms.

4.7.5 Any other acts that endanger the security of computer information networks.

4.8 For this App downloaded from a site not designated by QluPod and the App obtained from a medium not issued by QluPod, QluPod cannot guarantee whether the App is infected with computer viruses or whether there are hidden Trojan horse programs in disguise. Or hacker software, the use of App may cause unpredictable risks. It is recommended that users do not download, install, or use easily. QluPod does not assume any legal responsibility arising therefrom.

4.9 Privacy protection

4.9.1 This App will not collect and use your device and other related information in any way.

4.9.2 QluPod promises to abide by the “QluPod User Privacy Protection White Paper” and applicable laws.

4.9.3 QluPod has formulated strict user upload information processing rules and safety protection measures to ensure that user information is not collected beyond the purpose and scope, to ensure the safety of user upload information, and to ensure that user upload information is not abused. Except for the explicit consent of the user and the explicit provisions of the law, QluPod will not provide any third party with user upload files and information.

4.9.4 QluPod has formulated the following four privacy protection principles to guide us on how to deal with issues related to user privacy and user information in products:

(1) Use the information we collect to provide users with valuable products and services.

(2) Develop products that comply with privacy standards and privacy practices.

(3) Make the collection of personal information transparent and supervise by an authoritative third party.

(4) Do our utmost to protect the information we hold.

4.10 User experience improvement plan: To improve the user experience of the product, if a user chooses to join the “QluPod User Experience Improvement Plan”, QluPod will make statistics on the use of each product function as needed. These statistics are generally for each product. The number of times the function has been used. By analyzing statistical data, product quality can be improved, and innovative security services that are helpful to users can be introduced. Statistics are only conducted on the content of QluPod’s products, and never involve the user’s personal data. The statistical method is to visit a page of QluPod’s server, and the server counts the number of occurrences of the above behaviors based on the number of times the page has been accessed. The user can deselect the ” QluPod User Experience Improvement Plan” in the “Settings” window of this software at any time.

4.11 Program error log reporting: When an unexpected error or crash occurs in the program, an error log is automatically generated. The App will report error logs to the QluPod Security Center as needed to locate the cause of program errors or crashes and improve product quality. When the user is required to report the error log, the App will ask the user whether to agree to the report. If the user agrees to report, the App will report this error log to the QluPod Security Center; if the user does not agree, it will not report it. The error log is the operating information recorded by the QluPod program when an error or crash occurs. It only contains the error information of the program itself and never involves any user personal data.

5. Open-source license terms

5.1 This App uses zxing (SDK) and gson (SDK). According to the requirements of the Apache License 2.0 agreement, the following unmodified copyright statement, license conditions and disclaimers shall be retained: Copyright 2023 QluPod AG.

6. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

6.1 The user confirms that he is aware of all the functions of the App and the necessary operations performed by QluPod to realize the functions of the App, and he voluntarily chooses to use the App and related services according to his own needs, due to the risks associated with the use of the App and related services And all consequences will be entirely borne by itself, and QluPod does not assume any responsibility.

6.2 The user guarantees that this App shall not be used to engage in illegal activities, and shall not infringe the personal, property and other rights and interests of others. If any loss caused by the user’s behavior, any disputes, legal disputes, etc. caused by the user, QluPod shall not bear any responsibility. If QluPod suffers losses as a result, the user shall compensate in full.

6.3 If you find that the content of the published information violates relevant national laws and regulations, or is reported by a netizen, you will bear all legal responsibilities, and QluPod has the right to take measures including but not limited to interruption of service, without prior notice to you. Restrict the use, freeze or delete accounts, terminate the service, pursue legal liabilities and other measures, and you agree to bear the liability for damages caused to QluPod or any third party.

6.4 The App has been tested in detail, but it cannot be guaranteed to be fully compatible with all App and hardware systems, nor can it be guaranteed that the App is completely error-free. In the event of incompatibility and App errors, users can call the technical support phone to report the situation to QluPod and obtain technical support. If the compatibility problem cannot be solved, the user can delete the App.

6.5 To the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws, damages and risks arising from the use or inability to use this App include, but are not limited to, direct or indirect personal damage, loss of commercial profits, interruption of trade, loss of commercial information or any QluPod does not assume any responsibility for other economic losses.

6.6 QluPod does not assume any responsibility for losses caused by telecommunication system or Internet network failures, computer failures or viruses, information damage or loss, computer system problems or any other force majeure reasons.

6.7 If the user violates the provisions of this agreement, QluPod has the right to take measures including but not limited to suspension of license, suspension of service provision, restriction of use, and legal investigation.

7. Legal and Dispute Resolution

7.1 This agreement applies to the laws of Switzerland.

7.2 Any dispute arising from or related to this agreement shall be resolved through friendly negotiation between the parties; if the negotiation fails, either party may submit the relevant dispute to an Arbitration Commission chosen by QluPod AG and arbitrate in accordance with its then effective arbitration rules; arbitration is final and binding on all parties.

8. Other terms

8.1 If any clause in this agreement is completely or partially invalid or unenforceable for any reason, or violates any applicable law, the clause will be deemed deleted, but the remaining clauses of this agreement shall still be valid and binding force.

8.2 QluPod reserves the right to modify this agreement at any time in accordance with changes in relevant laws and regulations, as well as the adjustment of the company’s operating conditions and business strategies. The revised agreement will be announced on the QluPod website (www.QluPod.eu) and will be attached to the new version of the App. In the event of a dispute, the latest agreement text shall prevail. If you do not agree with the changed content, the user can delete the App by himself. If the user continues to use the App, it is deemed that you accept the changes in this agreement.

8.3 Young users must abide by the National Youth Internet Civilization Convention: they must be good at online learning and not browse bad information; they must communicate honestly and friendly, and do not insult or deceive others; they must enhance their self-care awareness and do not date netizens at will; they must maintain network security and do not disrupt the Internet Order; to be good for physical and mental health, and not to indulge in virtual time and space. 8.4 QluPod has the right to interpret and modify this agreement to the maximum extent permitted by law.