QluPod AG strengthens position in Balkan region with exclusive distribution agreement

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Posted on December 4, 2023 by QluPod AG

Herisau, Switzerland QluPod AG (www.qlupod.com)

QluPod AG, a promising start-up in the field of telemedicine, has taken a decisive step towards strengthening its position on the international healthcare market.

With the company Kraft Master from Skopje in North Macedonia, the company has found a good partner to distribute the QluPod health monitor in the Balkan region. QluPod and Kraft Master have signed an exclusive distribution agreement for this purpose. The agreement expands QluPod AG’s reach to the Balkan region. This partnership not only represents a milestone for the company’s development, but also promotes telemedicine in the emerging healthcare markets of Eastern Europe.

Progress through telemedicine in the Balkan region

The objectives of this pioneering partnership are clearly defined: Integration of the QluPod Health Monitor, including the associated monitoring app, into the international healthcare markets, promotion of telemedicine in the Balkan region and better access for the population to high-quality medical care. To this end, Kraft Master has been granted exclusive distribution rights for the region of Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia as well as general sales rights for Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Ambitious sales targets

The agreement provides for the planned sale of around 35,000 devices per year in the regions mentioned. This ambitious plan is expected to result in sales in the mid six-figure million range for both parties. QluPod AG is thus setting a significant milestone in its young history by expanding the originally planned sales region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH) to include the Balkan region. “We see great potential in a region that is open to innovative healthcare solutions and also wants to provide residents in rural areas with adequate medical care,” explains the interim management of QluPod AG.

Marketing and sales support

Aidan Burley, Head of Sales & Marketing at QluPod AG, emphasises the importance of signing the contract and explains: “The task now is to expand marketing in these regions in order to make QluPod known in the local market and provide our new business partner with the best possible support in its sales activities“. A good sales argument is the award of the QluPod app as the best telemedicine app 2023 on the occasion of the company’s participation in the

Future Innovation Summit in Dubai in October 2023. The presentation of the QluPod Health Monitor and the proprietary app at the internationally renowned Frontiers Health Conference in Rome at the beginning of November 2023 will also ensure further international awareness and underline the innovative power of the health solutions of the health tech start-up from Switzerland.

The future of telemedicine in emerging healthcare markets

QluPod AG sees the partnership with Kraft Master as further proof that countries with a less overburdened healthcare system than in western EU countries are acting faster and have the courage to switch to new and innovative technologies. This opens up promising prospects for the future of telemedicine. QluPod, with its Health Monitor and the QluPod App, continues to strive to improve healthcare not only in Western Europe and the Balkan region, but worldwide.

About QluPod:

QluPod AG is a start-up company in the field of telemedicine and develops innovative solutions to make patient care efficient and cost-effective. With the QluPod device and the associated software, the company is endeavouring to shape the future of healthcare. The offering is aimed at hospitals, care facilities, medical professionals and private individuals who want to monitor their health independently.

For more information about QluPod AG and our products, please visit our website at www.qlupod.com.


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