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Posted on September 18, 2023 by QluPod AG

Herisau, Switzerland QluPod AG (www.qlupod.com)

QluPod AG, an innovative start-up in the field of telemedicine, announces the formation of a new Advisory Board. In times of rising healthcare costs and overcrowded hospitals and doctors’ surgeries, the field of telemedicine is becoming increasingly popular.

In order to increase sales on the market and to ensure an optimal service for partners and users, QluPod AG has founded the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board to support the management consists on the one hand of Miguel Rocha de Moura from Iqoniko | We combine capital interests as an expert in the areas of investor relations and measures to raise capital. On the other hand, the renowned health expert Prof. Dr. Atanas G. Atanasov strengthens the QluPod Advisory Board with his extensive expertise in telemedicine and digital health applications.

Technical and media expertise for the Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Atanasov has an impressive academic career and qualifications, including a Master’s degree in Biotechnology, a PhD in Biochemistry and a Habilitation (Privatdozenten-Grad) in Pharmaceutical Biology at the University of Vienna. His extensive research includes more than 300 scientific publications in the fields of molecular medicine, digital health, open innovation, biotechnology, natural products, science communication and molecular pharmacology.

Setting the strategic course for the future

“The formation of the Advisory Board is an important step in ensuring that QluPod is best prepared to meet the growing demand in telemedicine and for the QluPod Health Monitor,emphasises Stephen Dando, Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors. “The expertise of Dr. Atanasov and the other members of the Advisory Board will help to significantly advance and increase our expertise and media exposure.”

Promoting innovation in the health sector

As editor-in-chief of the trade journal CRBIOTECH and as a well-known influencer in the field of biotech, Prof. Dr. Atanasov is very familiar with the questions of medical professionals and consumers regarding the complexity of digital health applications and in telemedicine. Therefore, along with Miguel Rocha de Moura, he is an important pillar of QluPod’s newly formed Advisory

Board to support the company’s strategic direction in telemedicine. The goal is to develop innovative solutions for the healthcare industry and to further expand QluPod’s position as a pioneer in the field of telemedicine.

About QluPod:

QluPod AG is a start-up company in the field of telemedicine and develops innovative solutions to make patient care efficient and cost-effective. With the QluPod device and associated software, the company aims to shape the future of healthcare. The offer is aimed at hospitals, care facilities, medical professionals as well as private individuals who want to monitor their health on their own responsibility.

For more information about QluPod AG and our products, please visit our website at www.qlupod.com.


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