QLUPOD AG is preparing the launch in the EU market – German launch planned for 2023 – Adam Piekarski responsible

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Posted on October 27, 2022 by QluPod AG

Herisau, Switzerland QluPod AG (www.qlupod.com)

QLUPOD AG is preparing the launch in the EU market. German launch planned for 2023. Adam Piekarski responsible

Adam Piekarski, an experienced leader and entrepreneur, is preparing our EU launch.

The distribution of the QluPod devices will first start in Germany in 2023. After the start in Germany, the rollout will take place in other EU countries and Switzerland. The plan is to sell the devices directly to end customers and B2B via health insurance companies, pharmacies and doctors. Thanks to its good contacts in the medical technology sector, Adam is ideally suited for this. From 1.1. 2023, he will build up and lead the sales team. Adam was most recently a member of the board of an EV start-up that successfully obtained seed funding and was listed on a European stock exchange. He is the principal shareholder and CEO of UK start-up Medical Dedicated Carrier Systems. The company brings together the best vehicle and medical equipment manufacturers to design, build and sell vehicles to first responders, medical support services, home care and social care providers.

About QluPod AG: 

QluPod is a HealthTech start-up company founded to capitalise on the growing demand from consumers and clinics for innovative and user-friendly wearable devices and supporting software for telemedicine.

QluPod is a wearable health monitoring device with 6 vital signs that records ECG, blood glucose, blood pressure, blood oxygen, heart rate and body temperature.

The data from the QluPod is sent in real time via the app from your iOS® or Android® phone to your caregiver, doctor or other responsible person anywhere in the world.

Contact: QLUPOD AG 

Bahnhofstrasse 23

9100 Herisau AR – Switzerland

Tel.: +41 (0)71 510 05 45 

Mail: ir@qlupod.com

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