QluPod AG in demand in connection with the EU strategy for the digitalisation of the healthcare industry

Posted on July 20, 2023 by QluPod AG

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The digitalisation of the healthcare industry is advancing: QluPod AG receives enquiries from the Balkan region and expands its market

The digitalisation of healthcare is a crucial development for better health for all people. This fact was already pointed out by the European Commission in November 2022 with its EU Global Health Strategy.

Digitalisation has the potential to transform healthcare and improve access to care. Telemedicine is also fundamentally changing the way healthcare services are delivered. In this context, Eastern Europe plays an important role. The countries in this region are showing a strong drive towards digitalisation. In doing so, the Balkan states are relying on rapid change and cost-effective solutions.

QluPod AG gains attention with health monitor and proprietary APP

When it comes to digitalisation, countries from Eastern Europe often skip processes that in the past led to high financial and time costs in industrialised countries. This enables the efficient introduction of innovative solutions at significantly lower costs. For this reason, the health monitor QluPod with its innovative app has attracted the attention of three countries from this region, which have inquired about possible cooperation and support in the digitisation process.

“We are positively surprised by these enquiries at our still early stage of growth”, says Stephen Dando, Board of Directors of QluPod AG. ” This confirms to us that our efforts in the market are going in the right direction and that the engagement of our external consultants with the support from existing networks is the right way to go”, Stephen Dando further explains.

QluPod AG expands focus on the Eastern European market

QluPod AG is pleased to announce that the additional focus on the Balkan region does not affect the newly defined roll-out strategy for the current quarter. The planned live launches of the QluPod apps for IOS and Android will also take place as planned at the end of July 2023, as the company’s management emphasises.

About QluPod:

QluPod AG is a start-up company in the field of telemedicine and develops innovative solutions to make patient care efficient and cost-effective. With the QluPod device and associated software, the company aims to shape the future of healthcare. The offer is aimed at hospitals, care facilities, medical professionals as well as private individuals who want to monitor their health on their own responsibility.

For more information about QluPod AG and our products, please visit our website at www.qlupod.com.

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