QLUPOD AG in advanced status of EU rollout planning

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Posted on January 30, 2023 by QluPod AG

Herisau, Switzerland QluPod AG (www.qlupod.com)

QLUPOD AG in advanced status of EU rollout planning.

QluPod AG announces that it can now report progress in the EU rollout. As already mentioned in a previous announcement, Adam Piekarski has been engaged for this purpose. The first country to be supplied is Germany, as soon as the distribution of the QluPods has been successfully started there, Switzerland will follow.

Local partners in Germany such as a warehouse and shipping centres have now been identified and are ready for distribution.

Programming of the iOS® app is progressing well and will be made available to the first QluPod customers after going through the Apple Store intake process. 

About QluPod AG: 

QluPod is a HealthTech start-up company founded to capitalise on the growing demand from consumers and clinics for innovative and user-friendly wearable devices and supporting software for telemedicine.

QluPod is a wearable health monitoring device with 6 vital signs that records ECG, blood glucose, blood pressure, blood oxygen, heart rate and body temperature.

The data from the QluPod is sent in real time via the app from your iOS® or Android® phone to your caregiver, doctor or other responsible person anywhere in the world.

Contact: QLUPOD AG 

Bahnhofstrasse 23

9100 Herisau AR – Switzerland

Tel.: +41 (0)71 510 05 45 

Mail: ir@qlupod.com

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