QluPod AG announces expansion of telemedicine software

Posted on May 15, 2023 by QluPod AG

Herisau, Switzerland QluPod AG (www.qlupod.com)

QluPod AG announces expansion of telemedicine software.

QluPod AG, a start-up company in the field of telemedicine, announces that the roll-out of its innovative product will be postponed in order to further enhance the scope and functionality of ist bespoke software and make the app more comprehensive. The decision was made during the current test phase due to user and healthcare professionals’ feedback. In order to achieve the ambitious goals, there will be personnel changes and new hires. 

One of these important development steps is the expansion of our software team under new leader Hristijan Vasilevski and the expansion of the cooperation with external software developers who have great expertise and many years of experience in the field of telehealth, thus further expanding the know-how of QluPod AG. 

The advanced software solution is mainly aimed at hospitals and medical practices. Through the combination of our software solution, the application for customers and our QluPod device, users will receive reliable data with which they can track the development and progress of a therapy. At the same time, patients receive information about the times they take their medication and the amount they need. The attending physician can issue prescriptions online, keep an eye on the history of the course of the disease and use other applications. 

With this expansion, it is planned that QluPod AG will offer a comprehensive solution for the telemedicine industry. Currently, there are no other known devices that can simultaneously measure the six vital signs of blood pressure, body temperature, ECG, heart rate, blood oxygen level and blood glucose and link the data with the doctor, the hospital, the care facility or with a caregiver if desired, allowing interaction between the parties involved. 

With the further development of telemedicine software, healthcare services are possible across a spatial or temporal distance. Doctor and patient communicate by phone or via the app connected to the QluPod device. An exchange between several doctors or hospitals is also possible within the framework of teleconsultation. Such a solution ensures that sharply rising healthcare costs are reduced and maximum efficiency in patient care is achieved. 

QluPod AG is convinced that this development will further strengthen its unique selling proposition and at the same time open up a broader sales market.

It is not excluded that in the future devices from third party manufacturers may also be compatible with the QluPod software. Our goal is to improve the quality of life and help people lead a self-determined life. With QluPod, we can do just that by using modern communication technology to facilitate and optimise medical care.  Further updates and information will be announced in due course.

About QluPod AG: 

QluPod AG is a start-up company in the field of telemedicine and develops innovative solutions to make patient care efficient and cost-effective. With the QluPod device and associated software, the company aims to shape the future of healthcare. The offer is aimed at hospitals, care facilities, medical professionals as well as private individuals who want to monitor their health on their own responsibility. 

For more information about QluPod AG and our products, please visit our website at www.qlupod.com. 

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