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Tele-Health Solution

Manage patient's health care remotely!

Through the intuitive user interface, doctors and patients can easily interact with each other, regardless of their  location. From remote consultations and monitoring of patient data to virtual rehabilitation, the telemedicine software offers a wide range of functions that guarantee optimal patient care.

The Future of Patient Management

The innovative QluPod platform offers doctors, hospitals and caregivers a
comprehensive solution for seamless end-to-end patient management. With our
user-friendly platform, you always keep track of your patients and have access to their
data. Using API codes, our platform can be seamlessly integrated into your existing
systems and flexibly adapted to your needs.

Clinical Features

User Interface

Accurate & Protected Health Data!

Patient Data is private and protected by the EU Law and the European Economic Area. With an App Programming interface that allows multiple computers to communicate in sync, data formats are exchanged easily through electronic records. Data Exchange Standards facilitate the sharing of structured data across different information systems.

Admin Features

QluPod software is rich with up-to-date administrative features.

Additional Security Features