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Your Personal Health Solution!

One single device offering
multiple diagnostic readings

Blood Pressure
Blood Sugar
Blood Oxygen
Heart Rate
Body Temperature

One portable
device - measuring six vital signs

A world-class technology solution!

Our device revolutionizes the market by replacing several expensive and complicated stand-alone devices. Our proprietary QluPod software enables easy recording of vital signs including various cross-references as well as unlimited data exchange with caregivers and doctors.

With the QluPod app, data can be transmitted in real time to your doctor, caregiver or other responsible person anywhere in the world for smooth communication and optimal care.

How it Works

To minimise errors and inaccuracies, the QluPod uses
traditional methods to measure vital signs:

Compatible App that supports you
and offers preventive health care

Real-time data for optimal wellbeing

Seamless connection to your device!

Record, save and analyse your
physical activities such as walking, stair climbing or jogging via an activity tracker. If you have any questions or problems, you can communicate directly with the doctor treating you or contact the hospital. In addition, your vital signs are transmitted directly to your doctor or caregiver, to the responsible hospital or to another responsible person.

Choose a subscription type and enjoy Qlupod further!

Enjoy the benefits of our free QluPod app with which you can measure your vital signs via a simplified user interface and the measurement results are saved for a week. By subscribing to our PRO version, we enable you to enjoy many more benefits and share real-time metrics with leading healthcare providers and experts. Use our innovative technology for optimal healthcare!

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Experience the latest technology for the whole family, whether for an existing therapy that you want to monitor or simply as a preventative measure, a QluPod belongs in every household!

For only CHF 269.00 you can replace 6 devices and have your health under control!