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Posted on April 26, 2024 by QluPod AG

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Qlupod AG shareholders approve capital increase at Extraordinary General Meeting

As announced in our press release of 27 March 2024, Qlupod AG held an Extraordinary General Meeting in Switzerland on 18 April 2024. An important item on the agenda was discussions on essential decisions regarding the company’s capital structure. The decisions and resolutions of the Annual General Meeting are of great importance for the financial future of QluPod AG. Our shareholders have also recognised this, which is why we are pleased to announce that the meeting was characterised by a high turnout of shareholder votes. Out of a total of 10,000,000 shares issued, 8,615,707 votes were present at the Annual General Meeting, which corresponds to a total capital of CHF 86,157.07.

In a unanimous decision, the shareholders approved the introduction of a new type of financial instrument – the capital band, which was introduced in Switzerland on January 1st 2023 as part of the reform of Swiss company law. The capital band is an innovative and flexible instrument for structuring share capital and equity financing for private small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The capital band gives the Board of Directors the opportunity to adjust the company’s capital within a certain framework in a self-determined and flexible manner.

Specifically, it means that the Board of Directors of Qlupod AG can increase up to 50% of the existing capital by any amount once or several times over the next five years, limited until 18 April 2029, at its own discretion without having to obtain renewed approval from shareholders. The lower limit of the capital band is CHF 100,000, while the upper limit is CHF 150,000. Shareholder approval for the introduction of the capital band offers the company greater flexibility and agility in raising capital. This is a great advantage for the company, especially in the current times of rapid change and market volatility.

In addition to the introduction of the capital band, the Board of Directors proposed an ordinary capital increase of a maximum of CHF 20,000, which was also unanimously approved by the shareholders. The capital increase will be carried out by issuing up to 2,000,000 participation certificates as shares without voting rights. Existing shareholders will be granted a preferential right to acquire the participation certificates. The participation certificates have a nominal value of CHF 0.01 and are offered at a selling price of CHF 1.75 with a premium of CHF 1.74. The subscription period is six months. The subscription period will run for six months until 18 October 2024. Unsubscribed participation certificates may be offered to third parties during the subscription period if the existing shareholders do not exercise their pre-emptive right.

The use of the capital from this capital increase is strategic and aims to further drive both the development and growth of the company with its QluPod health monitor, other innovative devices and the proprietary QluPod software,” explains Board member Marc Simon Schelbert, Chairman of the Extraordinary General Meeting. “In order to establish and increase QluPod’s competitiveness in the global digital healthcare market, we are using most of the capital for the continuous further development of the software. However, the expansion of the international sales network into even more countries and the development and implementation of targeted marketing activities to increase QluPod’s brand awareness are also decisive strategic steps on our further path,” adds Nikola Trajanov, interim CEO of Qlupod AG. In preparation for achieving its ambitious goals, Qlupod AG is pleased to announce that the QluPod brand has been successfully registered for trademark protection in Switzerland, the European Union (EU) and the United States of America (USA). This action underscores the company’s commitment to individuality and innovation as well as its pursuit of global presence and recognition as a pioneer in digital healthcare. For more information about the company and the QluPod Health Monitor, please do not hesitate to contact us.

About QluPod:

QluPod AG is a start-up company in the field of telemedicine and develops innovative solutions to make patient care efficient and cost-effective. With the QluPod device and the associated software, the company is endeavouring to shape the future of healthcare. The offering is aimed at hospitals, care facilities, medical professionals and private individuals who want to monitor their health independently.

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