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Take full control over your vitals!


Meet Qlupod

A world-class technology solution!

QluPod is the revolutionary all-in-one health monitoring device for the six most important vital signs. It allows you to seamlessly transmit this vital data in real time via our easy-to-use app. Your personal health data is transmitted securely and encrypted to your caregiver, doctor or other responsible person anywhere in the world.

Monitoring Made Easy

Qlupod App

Pairs with Android & iPhone!

Say goodbye to uncertainty and
cumbersome measurements. QluPod is the must-have product for anyone who wants to gain full control over their health. Seize this opportunity and get your completely personal QluPod App– because your health is worth it!

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Qlupod Software

Desktop Tele-Health solution!

The QluPod software and apps, developed by our experts in collaboration with experienced software specialists, offer users a unique solution in the field of telemedicine. The ease of use and the variety of application possibilities revolutionise the way medical services are delivered.

Order now!

Get your personal QluPod today!

Experience the latest technology for the whole family, whether for an existing therapy that you want to monitor or simply as a preventative measure, a QluPod belongs in every household!

For only CHF 249.00 you can replace 6 devices and have your health under control!

Why Qlupod

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One Device, Multiple Functionalities

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Easy to Use Compatible Mobile App

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Tele-Health Software Desktop Solution

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